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Starlink Network Sharing

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We have had a few examples of large scale network sharing to date. What I mean by this is a Medium-Large business sharing a single Starlink internet connection with a plethora of devices related to the business(desktop computers, cell phones, streaming devices, cnc machines, etc).

One rural business in particular was running in excess of 40 devices and still maintaining an average download speed of 170mbps and an average upload speed of 15mbps (hardwired) in all locations of the building.

Another customer was running their business from home, and had to have 3 different internet feeds, from 2 different providers, to keep up with the demand between home and office (2 separate buildings on the same property). We were able to wirelessly link the two buildings and run everything off of a single Starlink system, this was setup a couple of months ago and they have kept us up to date.. recently saying the Starlink system so far has been - "Absolutely Awesome!"

We have worked with, and experienced some of the other rural options in Alberta, and while still a huge step ahead of dial up internet, they can often leave something to be desired, especially when trying to handle the demand that a modern day family will put on a systems bandwidth.

Being able to share a reliable network throughout your business or your home really shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility, especially in the 21st century.

We believe (and Hope) the system that can live up to all of our expectations has finally arrived, and we will happily put it to the test.

Overall we have been very impressed with the capabilities of the Starlink system thus far, and we are excited at the possibility of being able to run a rural business (or a home full of devices) with very little down time, and plenty of capacity.

Time will tell if it will hold up in the extreme weather conditions of central Alberta, or if in a couple of years from now the satellites will become overloaded with customers eager to switch to something new.

Whatever the case may be, I am sure that Starlink will be a main contender for Internet services around the world(if not the front runner), and the competition they bring will kick other internet service providers in to high gear, or risk being left in the (Star)dust.

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