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Starlink Self Installation

Starlink has proven to be a game changer in many ways, faster speeds, self aligning, remote service area coverage just to mention a few. A feature less mentioned amongst all the hype is the fact that it comes as a complete self install system, a DIY kit for all the independent and budget minded people. This somewhat makes up for the large upfront cost of the equipment, but the system only comes with basic installation components meaning you might need to either build or find the accessories you need for your installation.

So just because Dishy comes as self installation doesn't mean you're going to be able to do it yourself. You may need someone else to do the install for you. If you have the option to have a pro come to do the install, the question is will it be worth it? Will it make your internet better? These answers will vary with everybody's unique situation, from your budget to your local installers location, the size of your home. There is no absolute answer that fits everybody's situation, but with a little education, and some proper planning this article should help you make the best decision possible between doing the install yourself or hiring a professional.

Lets Look At Some Pros Of Starlink Self-Installation (click on arrows below)

Starlink is easy to set-up

Self Aligning Dish

"Good things come to those who wait"

Installing it yourself can save you money!

The Starlink system comes with everything your need, kind of.

Hiring a professional will hopefully guarantee that all bases are covered when it comes to the installation. There are many things to consider, safety being paramount for all, no internet, no matter how good is worth getting a major injury over. Scaling roofs and climbing through attics takes professional gear to help ensure it is done safely. Some older homes will have asbestos in them, making the risk element even further complicated if not handled correctly. A trained eye will figure out quickly what will be most effective to hit the goal with the least amount of impact, which might include customizing some of the system, like adding extenders or boosters to help give complete coverage of your home. Some houses are made of dense RF limiting materials that will require a much more tactical approach. Knowing and identifying these trouble spots are what any professional worth their weight will be able to do. Something as silly as drilling through a floor could lead to a major water leak or worse yet an electrical fire...knowing what your options are and identifying problem situations are what a trained eye should bring to the table.

Lets Look At Some Pros Of Hiring A Contractor/Professional

Installing it Yourself Can Cost You Money!

Professionals will do your installation up to local regulation standards ands codes.

A pro will help you to make the best decisions when it comes to equipment needs,

Extra Equipment On Hand

Peace Of Mind Knowing It Is Done Correctly

Not All Professionals Are The Same

Making the decision to use a pro or not will vary with everybody's circumstances. We hope this article has help direct you in making your decision. Thank you for reading our blog and for your support! If your new to our website then become a member for free today to stay up to date with all our latest news about everything Starlink!

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1 Comment

I agree that Starlink is able to be self installed. One need only look to You Tube to find dozens of examples. Those videos also provide some helpful hints. But if your installation requires Climbing ladders or going through attics (in summer heat) I’d happily hire a professional. But who has seen an ad for some company to install Starlink? At least I’ve seen none in my part of rural Iowa. I relied on my electrician for that task, but I had to be sure I had all the parts needed.

John Bowers

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