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Starlink Installations Videos

Starlink Cable Extension, How far away can you run Dishy from your house? 500, 400, 300ft Testing.

Starlink Cable Extension, How far away can you run Dishy from your house? 500, 400, 300ft Testing.

Your home is surrounded by tall trees, yet 300ft away is an open field where you can place Dishy. Can and should you run a cable to the field for the best line of sight? This is a question we've heard a lot out there, installing internet over the years it is certainly a situation we've run into. There is no cookie cutter answer for everybody's problems but there is a list of possible solutions to try. If you can, it is always best practice to use Starlinks supplied parts, which unfortunately limits you to 100ft range from the dishy to the power pack. If you're looking to extend this range a few options we have tested and have worked, but are pushing the limits and possibly compromising the life expectancy of the equipment. If you can't find a clearing within the 100ft range of the cable then you can look at either extending the cable or setting up point to point links if you have power. Running an extended cable will be the only option for some, so we tested out to see how far we could go with an extension. Let's break down how we completed our testing and get the results. First up is cabling and the type that will work best. Website​ Email Facebook Instagram all_media-services1

We have had some fun installing and testing this Starlink system! By no means are we experts in the Starlink field but we certainly have been able to pull from many years of experience as Satellite and Rural Internet Technicians to help us along the way. 

As a company we have never been more excited about a new technology, its ground breaking and could mean access to information in areas of the world that could not support the infrastructure of an ISP(financially or geologically). 

Like any new system it has had its down time(albeit very minimal in the last 7 months), that is the reality of any technology, (especially in a Beta period). But when looked at over a long period of time and putting our average speed tests together over the 7 month period, we have been truly impressed and are looking forward to the future on this product.

We would love to hear your feedback on these videos, your own personal experience on the Starlink system or just drop in to say hi!

Thank you for being a vital part of the Starlink Community Forums.

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