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Jason Nelson
Oct 25, 2022
In Installation Tips
I am an arborist and wisp installer, and when people first started getting their systems I have been getting all kinds of calls about clearing droves of trees for starlink. And I am not seeing enough post showing people there are better options. Just use one tree to put it on rather then cutting them all down. I would be happy to answer any questions and walk you through mounting in a tree, running wire, extending wire to any distance you need. You are not stuck to the 150ft the stock router gets you. There are a ton of options to go beyond this to almost any distance. Don't be afraid to ask me any questions about hardware or how to use it. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself see if you can find a local wisp that can set you up with an installer. If you are in my area I cover between Portland and Seattle. Just look up Nelson White Arborists.

Jason Nelson

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