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Submitting A Starlink Ticket

Mobile Phone on the beach, Stalink ticket submission

Getting in contact with Starlink has certainly been a frustration for some, and not through any fault of their own. It just simply takes longer to get a reply back, sometimes even longer than a week. And yet others get their replies answered quickly, even within minutes. Lets try to understand how Starlinks messaging system works, possible things you should and should not do that affect your response time, and make sure you're being heard.

Starlink app account login

First step to submitting a ticket.

You need to have a Starlink account to submit a ticket. No account, no ticket...the ticket submission area is for existing Starlink accounts only. When you order the Starlink system you get a confirmation email sent out with your information, every month Starlink sends an electronic invoice for record in your account. You can keep track of invoices as well as tickets when signed into your account. You can log in through a desktop or mobile device at . To make sure you've logged into your account, press on the top left icon on the mobile and far right on desktop. This is your Starlink profile, you can check or change your email address that is attached to your account here, this is the one that Starlink will use to respond back with. If you haven't received any replies back from Starlink then check that the email is spelled correctly and that it isn't getting marked as spam. Email's that contain dollar amounts are much more likely to get sent to the spam folder.

Satrlink messages

Once you've logged into your account on the mobile app, look over to the top right of the screen and press on the mailbox icon to check your messages. There will be a history of all your tickets kept with Starlink here, very handy to go back over later if needed as well as keep track of dates and times of events.

Starlink categories

It would be nice if Starlink had direct contact, but they don't, at least not that I've found . So you need to go through the steps and try and troubleshoot your issue within their library of articles. This isn't really that bad though as often things can be fixed without talking to a rep, this allows them to take care of more urgent needs. The reply back is anything but quick, expect to be hours and maybe even days before getting a reply back. All the more reason to try and use their troubleshooting tools.

Starlink support sub category

Click the category closest to your need, if you're unsure then just pick one. Hopefully you can find your fix just in the write-up, but if not at the very end select the thumbs-down icon saying that this didn't help. It will then take you over to submitting a ticket with Starlink. You have to dig a little to get this accomplished, but more to note is that you're going to have to wait for a reply.

Starlink ticket messages

There is no emergency service "I'm offline, need help now".

Ironically, to submit a ticket you have to select the thumbs down, exactly what a day wait time gets. There is no live chat. Submitting a ticket is the preferred method of contact. The reality is that Starlink is progressive, and will use the technology needed to grow at such a fast pace, and digital call centers are the future.

Making a Starlink ticket

Now is your time to express your question or concern, the subject will be very important, this will classify your problem and direct you to your needed department. There are 4 main categories that you select from, after these are various and many subcategories.

Account,Billing & Orders

Specs & Config


Setup & Install

Make sure to sincerely look through the suggestions, you may be surprised and end up fixing your system before submitting a ticket. Make your subject direct and to the point, examples... "Starlink router red light on''... "No power at Dishy"... "Getting kicked off the network". The description box is your time to explain more thoroughly what your issue is. Be detailed here, think of the timeline of the problem, the description, any changes in environment or behaviors. Not to poke at this again, but sometimes typing out your problem also helps you to think objectively about it, possibly thinking of things to try out. Once you have your message typed out, you can now add any documents or pictures, just press on the little paper clip icon to attach them.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the ticket is submitted.

Starlink reply email confirmation

This is a crucial part, getting the confirmation email means that Starlink received your request. This is key to you knowing that someone has heard you. If you're not receiving the email from Starlink then check in your account and make sure it is the correct email. Check your spam and junk folders. Emails with dollar amounts are more likely to get sent to the spam box.

Stalink community forums membership

The biggest compliant with Starlink that we're hearing is there service wait times are to long. Not only do you not get to chat direct but your waiting for a response. I have submitted multiple tickets and some did get answered in the same day, but this was awhile back while Starlink was in BETA. Now I'm seeing 1 day between submitting and response. My subjects are not always classified as emergency as fortunately we have had very few. I would hope that they get these times down to 5-10 minutes, similar to other ISP's. But unlike most other ISP's, Starlink is a Global company that will be dealing with multiple Government's , following all their laws and regulations must be a labyrinth of red tape to get through. In time Starlink will get this under better control, but the extremely good response there getting to there product is making it hard to keep up with.

starlink wait times

So be patient, check your email and read through the articles, hopefully they'll get back to you soon. In the meantime you can check out some other blog articles here, there on a variety of topics as well as a community forum of Starlink users that are sharing their experiences. Thank you, we hope you enjoyed it. Become a member for free and stay up to date.

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Bought starlink. Installed starlink. Enjoyed starlink for three weeks. Never received email upon receipt of receiver and router. Now nothing. Even went so far as to order again. Order completed, canceled, immediate refund. Still no internet. No response to support ticket. With such great product why no customer service? Re-hire those twitter employees to provide customer support. Many comments about no customer service. Have to use Personal Hot Spot for internet.😫


Still waiting for customer support without tv for two days


I am trying to change my Res satillite to RV I can not seem to get a billing for this uo grad ?


I’m a new member and was to believe that the first month was free, but was billed my monthly fee straight out of the shoot. Can anyone shed some light on this issue. Thanks bob


My fiancé had a starlink But someone had bumped it and left it broken without telling us or even apologizin, he tried getting online to make a ticket or find someone to get through to, to help him with another one it’s been hard. Anyone with suggestions? Hard without customer support, lol Elon need to hire a few of them.

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