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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

What is Starlink?

Internet options are changing fast for everybody with Starlink coming onto the seen. It is in it's beta stage, basically meaning that they're testing it out and bringing on a low volume of clients to test and make sure the system is working on the level they want. Because it's early on, those of us who have received the beta are guinea pigs for them. Which is ok as long as you're aware that outages and updates will be flying at you while they adjust there system. So what is Starlink? and where did it come from? Starlink is a division of SpaceX, SpaceX is the space exploration company that was the first to make re-useable rockets. It is really something to see, I feel like I'm watching a 1960's space movie as I watch the rockets land back on earth. Check out the F-9 Falcon rockets on YouTube, you'll see exactly what I mean. With this ability it has sent the cost of launching satellites to space at 1/10th the original and arguably even more. What that means is that there is going to be more satellites in space over the next few year then there has been in the previous century. Satellites have many different functions for us, and play a pivotal role in almost all our modern day technologies. This is were Starlink comes in, there using lower geo-orbital satellites, about 500 kilometers from the earth and their going to be in the thousands by the time they've completed there network. The difference with there satellites compared to previous satellites is that because they're lower in orbit then then the 45,000 kilometer satellites. The lower orbiting satellites can run at 20ms ping times compared to 750ms, and speeds at 50-150 megabytes per second compared to 3-10. So what does this mean for you, if your in need of highspeed internet in the country, you now have another option. It is expensive compared with other providers, I paid $0 for my LTE provider compared to $750 for Starlink. My bill is $20.00 more a month then my LTE too. My LTE provider works just fine giving me speeds averaging 60 compared to my Starlink which averages about 80. So why change? and what's the benefits if there is any? The reasons for changing are going to come down to what can be offered, if you have tried other providers and had little help or success then this is an option. If your looking to save money then this is not an option. Your local providers have multiple plans that can be catered to your internet need's, basically 1/2 the price of Starlink, I should also mention that you'll have a professional come hook-up your equipment and test the system for you, Starlink is self install. If you live very remotely as in no providers in your area or installers then this is where Starlink will be able to fit in. Throughout our years in the industry we've seen many changes, and this is another. Albeit a very big one, especially if it delivers on it's promises, which remains to be seen over time. Don't get me wrong I'm as excited as any techie out there. I've poured hours of testing into my system already and have been impressed, but the system is very young and there is very little known as to what will happen as more users start to come online. AMS will be posting and making videos of our journey with Starlink. Subscribe with us to stay in the know and get in on our great deals as well as helpful videos, thank you.

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