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Elon Musk Responds To Ukraine's Need For Starlink

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine went on to Elon Musk’s Twitter and solicited him to please activate Ukraine onto the Starlink network for his country. In a not so surprising move in this day and age of technology Elon Musk responded back and within a few days the Ukrainian people had multiple Starlink systems in their hands. Truly a bold statement and leading gesture by Elon, but nowhere near as bold as Ukrainian people and their leader president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who now can tap into a new age of internet bandwidth being delivered by Starlinks satellite network coming from space, not the ground. So why is this a big deal? Let’s break this down as to just how significant this is for the Ukrainians and the world as a whole. I don’t want to use the word Russian loosely here as there are many good Russian people and some I’m sure that disagree with their leaders agenda, so let’s just say Vladimir Putin and his cronies that choose to follow and work with him whether they be oligarchs(very wealthy) or poor citizens of Russia they’re following an agenda that I don’t believe anybody truly knows the end of, but it does have the stage of a WW3 scenario. One thing Putin has done is managed to get a huge majority of the world to unite, and Elon Musk is no exception. On February 26th Mykhailo tweeted at Elon asking for help, with a very direct and urgent tone. The request was for Starlink's Internet capabilities. Why would he ask for this?

Just one of the many revolutionary developments of Starlink is its ability to be disconnected, which seems counterintuitive as the whole reason for the Starlink is to connect. So what does this mean? With the Starlink constellation of satellite systems you don’t need to be close to a live fiber tower that can be dismantled or destroyed, you don't have to have a cable feeding into the system. Starlink connects from the base station that you and I have in our homes to Satellites 400-600 kilometers above the earth's surface. In modern war, armies attack communication networks, TV towers, cellular networks, radio-stations, all these are connected through long lines of cabling above and below ground, making them easy targets due to their vast size. Typical internet towers can hit ranges of 50 kilometers away from them, that ends up being a 100 kilometer full radius coverage area around the tower. (One Starlink satellite can have a 400 kilometer coverage radius) The large towers are often some of the first hit structures, taking out other radio-systems that run on them. leaving people without the ability to connect, disrupting their chain of communication. Ukraine's fight is no different. These tower systems and fiber lines are being destroyed, they form the bulk of the country's communication delivery infrastructure.

With the Starlink system there are no towers, and the ground stations can be set-up anywhere the satellites roam to be tied iback into a safe ground network, Starlink has become the worlds network doctor. The true value of Starlink is seen as it becomes large and important communication network within a few days! In order to stop the Starlink communications they would have to take out every Starlink Dish system that is on the ground, which is rather small, making them easy to hide, unlike a tall 300 ft tower and they offer mobility. Giving full connectivity that can be critical, life saving, and will change the face of war as we know it. Will be fully connected to communicate to loved ones, feeds and streams will be uploaded to be viewed by the world, but more importantly is that the Ukrainian Government has the ability to stay in open communication , giving them a way to connect even to the UN Council with live video feed! Maybe the cronies can shoot down the satellites? Or attack the base systems using the signal to target there location.

Elon posted a tweet about this later, warning the Ukranians using the system to only use when needed and keep the Dishy as far away as possible. It would be extremely difficult to try and take down the satellites that are moving above Ukraine, no small feat as these satellites are moving at 45’000 plus kilometers an hour and they’re many of them, oh ya there also in low earth orbit 500 kilometers away Unlike the traditional wires in the ground to connect people the Starlink network does this without any cable being run to a tower or home. This futuristic technology is able to connect us without putting millions of dollars of infrastructure into the ground. It is unfortunate that in 2022 the world is seeing another war. We are deeply disturbed that families just like yours and mine are being forced from their homes, being made to fight for their land, their homes. Elon made this gesture of goodwill to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. This just goes to show us how far reaching the power of technology is and how it's connecting us. In Elon's stepping up, hopefully the world and the Governments will take note as well.

If you're looking for ways you can help we suggest contacting your local Ukrainian Clubs, Churches and Stores. Maybe join them in their rallies and whatever else they may ask or need.

Contact your local government and elected official's and find out what you can do.. The world needs to be united when dealing with such an intense situation, united we stand divided we fall.

The links from twitter Elon Musk's account

Find Ukraine on the Starlink Satellite Map

Check out our YouTube video on testing Starlink WIFI.

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