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Tommo supernova
May 04, 2023
In General Discussions
Hi, I would like to know why starlink has decided to not allow you to remove people your own wifi network? There is not web interface... I recently had a "digicube" device come onto my network and gained assess through SSH to my machine. So i changed the password on the router by resetting it which was not easy. Next day the same device was back. but not for long once they realised SSH was disabled and 2fa enabled to access my machine. So it would appear its designed like this for a purpose I belive they stop you from having this ability incase Starlink wants to give access to your router password to the authorities so they can hack and perform MITM attacks on the target for harassment and investigation purupose (in that order) Starlink why dont you give us the ability to remove people from our own devices? change the password permantly. The only way to avoid such a attack is to use a second more secure router which Starlink cannot give them the password to and isolate or vlan your self off from the main router while using VPN. Then constructing a faiday cage around the starlink router to cut of wifi access. What does everyone else thing about this. Thanks.

Tommo supernova

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