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Stephen Dodson
Jun 16, 2022
In Installation Tips
I recently ordered starlink, and hope to get it in hand to install in the next few weeks. I am currently using a cellular set up, where I have a pair of parabolic antennas mounted to a 21 foot pole (chainlink fence top rail material) mounted to the side of my house. I am planning of using a pole mount adapter, and put dishy on the very top of the pole. Does anyone have a photo where they have done something similar? I'd like to see examples and get input. Also, does anyone have a photo where it shows the max flex or tilting ability that dishy mc-flat face has? AKA, how far can it tilt up and down when searching for satellites? At it's max tilt-down position, does the lower most edge of the dish hang down further than it's mounting post? I hope that question makes sense... Thanks!

Stephen Dodson

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