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  • Who is Starlink Community Forums?
    Starlink Community Forums was created by All Media Services for the purpose of bringing together a collective of Starlink users and their experiences, for sharing, instructing, helping, and learning together. All Media Services has been installing internet for many years, we received our Starlink system in February 2021 and have been doing extensive testing of the equipment ever since as well as installing the system for many others. We've been very impressed with our Starlink and wanted to share our reviews and knowledge so far and ongoing with others.
  • What does it require for membership?
    Membership is free and open to the public. The only requirement is a verified email.
  • What do I get as a member?
    As a member of Starlink Community Forums you will be able to interact within the community. Make posts, answer questions, share your thoughts. You get your own profile to be used. Pick and choose who you want to follow. Receive the latest releases on Blogs, Videos and Forum Posts
  • Why do I need a clear “field of view” to use Starlink?
    If you could see the connection between a Starlink satellite and your Starlink, it would look like a single beam between the two objects. As the satellite moves, the beam also moves. The area within which this beam moves is the “field of view”. If any object such as a tree, chimney, pole, etc. interrupts the path of the beam, even briefly, your internet service will be interrupted. In early service, the required clear field of view is a 100-degree cone around the center of the dish (after tilting) with a 25 degree elevation minimum. Some obstructions are worse than others. Obstructions low in the sky will cause more outages because satellites are in this area of the sky more frequently. The best guidance we can give is to install your Starlink at the highest elevation possible where it is safe to do so, with a clear view of the sky. Users who live in areas with lots of tall trees, buildings, etc. may not be good candidates for early use of Starlink. However as more satellites are launched, the field of view constraints will decrease, enabling a wider variety of users. Most people do not accurately assess their Starlink's field of view. To ensure the best possible service, download the Starlink app to assess field of view in your desired install location before installing.
  • I live in an apartment building – can I use Starlink?
    Yes, there are Starlink customers that live in apartment buildings, town houses and other multi-family buildings that have successfully installed Starlink (e.g. side of building, balcony, roof, lawn, etc.). Prior to ordering Starlink, we recommend coordinating with your landlord and neighbors to find a suitable outdoor installation location that has a clear field of view, which is important to maintain connection between satellites and your Starlink. You can download the Starlink App to check that you do not have any obstructions blocking Starlink’s view of the sky. Note that Starlink will typically point north in the northern hemisphere & south in the southern hemisphere.
  • I placed an order but have not received a confirmation email. How can I access my account?
    It’s possible you entered an incorrect email address when you placed your order. To gain access to your Starlink account, click “Locked out?” on the Starlink sign-in page. To access the sign-in page, visit and select “Sign-In” from the menu in the upper right.
  • When will I receive my Starlink?
    When you place your order, you will receive an estimated shipping timeline in your confirmation email, which you can also view on your account page. We typically ship Starlink kits out within 2 weeks. If you are placing an order or deposit in an area where we don’t have coverage yet, you’ll receive an email when service becomes available in your area, and you’ll have the opportunity to update your shipping, service or billing details, or cancel your order.
  • Where should I install my Starlink?
    If your Starlink is not the tallest object in sight at the install location, download the Starlink app to ensure you will have a clear field of view before you install. This is important as even small obstructions (single tree, pole, etc.) can interrupt your service. Most people do not accurately assess their Starlink's field of view. To ensure the best possible service, download the Starlink app to assess field of view in your desired install location before installing.
  • How do I download the Starlink app?
    From your mobile device, download the Starlink App using the appropriate link: Download for iOS Download for Android
  • How do I know if I need a roof install?
    Download the Starlink app to assess field of view in your desired install location before installing. If you can not find a clear field of view from the ground level, consider a roof install. Roof mounts are available for purchase in your account.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, you can cancel your order at any time in the Customer Account Portal. There are no contracts and you can return your Starlink Kit within 30 days of shipment for a full refund of your hardware payment if you decide this service is not a good fit for you.
  • Can I get a refund of my deposit?
    Yes, you can initiate a refund of your deposit by logging into the Customer Account Portal and requesting a refund.
  • Can I change my service address?
    Starlink is only approved for use at the Service Address you provided when you signed up on If you need to change your Service Address, you can check to see if service is available at your new preferred location on your account page. If it is, you may update your Service Address and use your dish at the new location. If service in not yet available at your new preferred location, you may choose to place a pre-order with a separate email address in the new location.
  • Can I travel with Starlink, or move it to a different address?"
    Starlink satellites are scheduled to send internet down to all users within a designated area on the ground. This designated area is referred to as a cell. Your Starlink is assigned to a single cell. If you move your Starlink outside of its assigned cell, a satellite will not be scheduled to serve your Starlink and you will not receive internet. This is constrained by geometry and is not arbitrary geofencing.
  • I live in an area with heavy rain, snow, or wind—can I still use Starlink?"
    Your Starlink will detect and melt snow that falls directly on it, however accumulating snow around your Starlink may block the field of view. We recommend installing Starlink in a location that avoids snow build-up and other obstructions from blocking the field of view. Heavy rain or wind can also affect your satellite internet connection, potentially leading to slower speeds or a rare outage.
  • I live in an area with lightning—can I still use Starlink?
    Starlink meets the U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC) grounding requirements and includes the necessary lightning protection. However, any user who lives in an area with lightning should have the appropriate lightning protection installed in accordance with your local electrical code prior to using Starlink.
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