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John Fones
Dec 14, 2022
In Troubleshooting
Hi all, I have a Gen2 star link and have just started developing issues. Purchased and installed in August it has worked flawlessly. A couple of weeks ago in late November we lost connection of all of our devices, 8 in total. This includes thermostats, cameras, thermometers, and lighting. We went up to our cottage which is 3 1/2 hours away, rebooted the Starlink router and everything rebooted. We were advised to install an UPS, so there would be no Hydro interruptions and this has been completed. We left the cottage on Monday and on Tuesday we lost control of everything again. Zero devices connected but the Starlink shows online on the app. do have the adapter to plug-in a mesh system, which is hardwired for a building about 70 feet away but not in use in the winter. We had friends go in and reboot the starlink router but nothing connected. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to try next to keep this from happening on a regular basis. TIA

John Fones

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